What is Softline uPvc

The uPVC used in Aluplast'S window and door systems is comprised of many different ingredients. Approximately 85% of this mixture, commonly referred to as "compound" is uPVC (Unplasticised Poly Vinyl Chloride).

uPVC is created from ethylene, a gaseous by-product of petroleum, and chlorine, an element derived from salt. In its pure state, uPVC lacks the properties required to satisfy durability and weatherability parameters necessary to fabricate a vinyl window / door system. To increase the performance of the final product, the above shown microingredients that possess specific performance properties are added to the uPVC. The result of which are high quality profile extrusions from which Softline uPVC Windows + Doors are made.

  • Withstand extreme desert heat and harsh climatic conditions prevailing in Arabian Gulf and Africa.
  • Considerably improve upon the characteristics of thermal insulation and noise reduction, by using advanced profile design and quality double glazing.
  • Reduce draught to an absolute minimum and are waterproof by using specially designed concealed EPDM gaskets.
  • Require low maintenance and are free from electrostatic corrosion in saline and humid conditions (coastal climates of the Arabian Gulf and Africa.)
  • Provide an appreciable level of security with systematically reinforced frames of galvanized steel, together with the multiple perimetric locking systems.

More Creative

Color your life and choose your favorite of various colors. The system provider uses a special manufacturing technique to apply the decor lamination foil on the uPVC window profiles. This technique guarantees an even structure, a uniform color as well as maximum weather resistance and it meets the highest requirements regarding climatic influences.The hardware is a significant component of the window, especially for handling and security. The hardware for the most common European tilt and turn systems offers the best safety, security and comfort for your home. However, good hardware for casement and sliding systems is also available.

living comfort and environmental protection

Innovative high-quality uPVC windows cut energy losses to a minimum. With uPVC windows you can contribute to the conservation of the increasingly scarce resources and to the reduction of pollutant emissions. Combine environmental protection and living comfort by insulating with uPVC windows.The U-value determines the heat transfer coefficient of the material. The w in this term stands for the entire window.also applies to aluplast’s latest development: energeto®, an energy-efficient window frame profile with metal-free thermoplastic reinforcements.

The Ideal Solution for each filed of application

New Buildings

Buildings to be constructed are to be designed in such a way that the maximum levels of transmission heat loss stipulated by the applicable EnEV (German Energy Saving Ordinance) are not exceeded.

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When modernizing existing buildings resulting in essential constructional modifications of parts of the building (facade, windows and roof).

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To guarantee a constant high quality, aluplast GmbH works together with numerous institutes.The aluplast products and services that are manufactured or provided according to high, precisely specified quality criteria.

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